In Major's Biology (Bio 120, Principles of Biology I), we contribute to the Barcode of Life project.  This project offers students an experiential framework for learning the fundamentals of molecular biology; the work that they complete during the laboratories allows them to actually contribute to the growing body of knowledge on organismal classification and identification.

Student research projects in the summer of 2014 and 2015 focused on Barcoding of moss sourced from herbarium collections.  Work is expected to continue in the summer of 2016,

The Spring 2014 issue of Fungi, included an article titled "Variables Influencing Viability of Brewer's Yeast".  I wrote this article with Brooke Pearson, an Oxnard College student.  In Summer 2012, we completed a small research project on the viability of brewer's yeast.  Shortly thereafter, on November 17, 2012, Brooke presented a poster of our results (see abstract) at the Southern California Conference for Undergraduate Research (SCCUR), hosted by CSU Channel Islands.  Our manuscript was prepared by the end of 2012, but it took about 17 months to finally make it to press, owing to the popularity of the journal - the editors receive a lot of manuscripts!

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The image of the yeast cells on the pages of this site were taken while Brooke and I were doing the viability study.  The three, prominent, dark blue-stained cells contain methylene blue, while the remaining cells do not.  Cells that are alive have the ability to convert methylene blue into a colorless product, so they do not become stained.


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