I am a professor of biology at Oxnard College. I teach non-majors biology and biology for biology majors, as well as microbiology and marine biology on a periodic basis. My contact information is on the contact page.

Education and Certifications

The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA
Ph.D. Plant Pathology

Capella University, Minneapolis, MN
M.S. Education

Eastern Illinois University, Charleston, IL
M.S. Botany
B.S. Botany

International Society of Performance Improvement
Certified Performance Technologist

ROI Institute
Certified ROI Professional

Select Publications

Nicholson, M. S., & Pearson, B. (2014). Variables influencing viability of brewer's yeast. Fungi, 7 (1), 23-27.  [link]

Nicholson, M. S. (in review).  Measuring ROI for technical training. In J. Phillips & P. Phillips (Eds.) Measuring ROI in Learning, Organizational Development, and Change. Chelsea, AL: ROI Institute.

Nicholson, M. S. (2012, October).  ROI performance evaluation at AgCo.  T+D. [link]

Nicholson, M. S., Bunyard, B. A., & Royse, D. J.  (2009).  Phylogenetic implications of restriction maps of the intergenic regions flanking the 5S ribosomal RNA gene of Lentinula species.  Fungi, 2 (4), 48-57. [link]

Nicholson, M. S.  (2009).  Some spiritualistic uses of mushrooms.  Fungi, 2 (2 [Special issue]), 6-7. [link]


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