Welcome. This site is maintained for my students at Oxnard College, and it should be fairly self-explanatory. A mobile version of the site is available here. My contact information is on the contact page.

I teach general biology and majors biology; I also periodically teach microbiology and marine biology.

My lecture notes are usually kept in three formats:  html, pdf, and doc.  The strength of html is that it is the easiest format to view as a webpage; however it may appear differently with different devices or browsers.  The pdf format is useful for printing things as they appear.  The doc format allows the text to be easily manipulated and revised.  Select whatever format suits your needs at any given time.  If there is no link for a particular format, try changing the extension to the format you want, since the file might be available anyway (for example, in the URL, change .htm to .pdf).


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